3D Printers You Can Use for Your Prototypes

3D printing may have been around since the ’80s, but it’s only recently that it’s been made accessible to a wider audience. These machines are responsible for turning a lot of dreams and ideas into real, tangible things. Here are 3 you can find at a prototype design company in California.


This type of printer makes use of photopolymer resins: a substance that changes its physical state when exposed to visible or ultraviolet light. Depending on the frequency that it’s exposed to, the resin’s final composition can be clear to opaque and bendy to firm.Unlike other devices, the PolyJet can print a number of pieces with different strength and flexibility levels simultaneously.Directly adding color to the product is also possible.

PolyJet is often used for products that have highlysmooth or intricately detailed finishes. This includes toys as well as dental and body prosthesis.

Fused Deposition Modeling

There’s a high probability that you’ll find this 3D printer being used for any prototype design service in California. FDM uses thermoplastic, a material that’s moldable at high temperatures and solidifies when exposed to cool air. While printing, the threads of plastic are melted and ejected through a single nozzle. It goes up as it works, layering the string to form the figure. This means that the end product might feature a ribbed finish. However, it can be smoothened by sanding.

FDM is capable of creating designs that can withstand mechanical stress, extreme climates, and reactive chemicals. Small and detailed pieces can also be made, including car parts and food packaging.

Multi Jet Fusion

This device uses powdered plastic, nylon, metal, and ceramic as its “ink,” though nylon is the only one used commercially. First, it’s scattered onto a tray where it gets heated. A jet will release drops of fusing agent to specific locations, binding loose particles together to create a shape. It gets shined on from time to time by lamps that emit thermal energy. This heat is evenly distributed throughout the figure, solidifying it.

MJT is typically used to create parts that are small and hidden, like brackets, connectors, covers, and wiring clips. Other items that have functional or controllable properties can be made with this printer.

Those are just 3 of the many available 3D printers you can use to manufacture your ideas. You can find them all at a prototype design company in California.

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