All About Using Your Tongue and Fingers the Right Way with An Escort

Knowing how to please your partner is one of the biggest blessings in the world. It not only makes the two of you happy, but your partner also feels very special, loved and cherished. This is the same case even when you are spending the night with an escort. After all, escorts are human beings, and thus requires the attention and affection just like anyone else does.

However, the common ways of showing love and excitement are considered traditional now, and professional escorts from agencies like have a lot of repeated clients. The reason behind this is not that they are the best in the market, but they know how to satisfy their clients better, and thus you have to learn to satisfy her too. Keep in mind, the hornier and excited she is, the better time you will have with her.

The thing is, our body is created in such an amazing way that every touch can give us a new sensation. Nevertheless, how excited you feel is depended on how your partner is caressing you. This is the reason, why foreplay is so much important.

How quickly, and how sensually you excite and turn on your escort will tell how the rest of the night is going to be. For this, it is very important to know how to use your tongue and fingers the right way.

The right way of using your tongue and fingers with an escort

You can start by touching her softly and then increase the pressure as soon as she gets comfortable with your touch. Think creatively and move your hands wherever you feel like. She is lying there just for you, so show a little bit of dominance and touch her the way you want to, be rest assured she will definitely like it.

By now you will be slowly building that pressure, which she is longing for. Next, give her nipples the necessary attention and a little now and then pinch her. Be careful you don’t want to be aggressive or rough just yet.  Slowly and gradually find your way down and use your fingers to stimulate her clit.  Her breathing will change if she’s getting excited. So, don’t just do it for the sake of doing it, but pay attention on her body language too. She will show you signs of what exactly she wants you to do. Now, simply follow her lead and try to lick her down there. Don’t rush, the more time you give her the better she will enjoy.

All this might just seem like the beginning, but if you are doing it the right way it can be the actual and complete act. You will get your escort orgasm in no time. Also, it will get you two in the right mood to do something much more than just foreplay.

So, the next time you are with an escort, make sure you put your tongue and fingers at the right job, and the rest of the evening will just go fine or may be excellent.

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