Business Trend: Outsource Brand Protection as Strategic Defense

In today’s high-tech world of hacking and internet sabotage, a company’s precious intellectual property, proprietary information, and brand identities can be stolen away in broad daylight from right beneath a company’s firewall. Given these threats a new trend in business is developing. Companies are protecting themselves by retaining a brand protection company as a defensive strategy.

The Symbol of a Brand 

In business a company’s brand is everything, and behind that brand is a wealth of valuable hard assets of patents, trademarks, copyrights, etc., as well as creative assets of brand identities, advertising campaigns, editorial content, management processes, etc.

A company’s brand is a symbol for all that it stands for and delivers to customers, investors, employees, and other stakeholders. No two companies are alike, and it’s companies that customize creative brand solutions that win over new customers and grow opportunities through customer engagement. So, there is obviously great monetary value in a well-managed brand. But this can all be taken away or compromised if an online brand protection strategy is not in place.

Experts recommend companies follow a three-step process in creating strong brands and protecting the brands.

First, a company should enhance its brand identities graphically and with the right messaging. This should say who you are as a company or family of products. Then take this directly to consumers through targeted marketing programs that are creative and clever, and pull customers into your brand experience. Key to all of this is to differentiate yourself as better than your competition. Basically, give your customers reasons to believe in you and your products. Your goal is to strengthen customer loyalty. Tell your customers who you are and why you are important to them.

Second, a company must have a comprehensive software system to maintain brand integrity and organize all facets of its intellectual property and capital. Today this is managed through tracking and management software designed specifically for this purpose. This helps your employees maintain all of the right brand assets, and use appropriately to ensure those assets are reflected in the product experience. Third, a brand protection company helps to protect its brands from fraud and liabilities. When it comes to intellectual property issues, tamper-proof authentication labels on products instill confidence in consumers that they are getting what they paid for. These labels need to be easily verified and produced to the highest quality. Companies must also let it be known that they are not afraid of litigation to protect its assets.

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