Common Mistakes That Causes Harm To Your Cellphone

Cellphone is no more a luxury now. Around 95 percent of people in US have their own cell phone, and 77 percent of them have smartphones. It has become a basic necessity to keep in touch with friends, playing games, listening to music, using apps and many more.

Despite of its wide range of uses, people don’t actually know how to keep it in the best working condition. Not just it is an expensive investment, but little carelessness can cause you to pay for repairs, replacements or buying a new one too. To save yourself from such expenditure, it is required that you learn about the mistakes and not to commit them.

Failing to clean it regularly

Like any device, your phone accessory can also accumulate dust and debris that when goes inside its circuitry can cause harm to it. Some people simply wipe the surface of the cellphone with a wet cloth, thinking that it is sufficient.

You need a standard way of cleaning that does not harm the phone and spread germs and infections. The right way to clean it is by taking a wet cloth and a cotton pad. Dab it with some alcohol and now swab to properly clean out your speaker components and headphone jacks.

Clicking suspicious links

There are plenty of fishy websites, pop-ups and links on the internet, which when clicked or accessed can cause damage to it. Clicking on such links can expose your cellphone to potent malware and viruses that can reduce the speed the operation of your phone and expose all the private information stored in your phone too.

Closing all applications at once

You use several different applications while working with your phone. Where a wide range of opened applications may deplete the life of your battery, closing all of them at once and reopening them later can drain more amount of battery.

Failing to install software updates

Software keeps on changing and that is the reason software companies keep on bringing new updates so as to giving enhanced performance to its users. If you fail to update the application by installing the software updated on a regular basis, then your application an even stop to work or fail to work at full capacity.

This is very important for antivirus apps. Not updating software apps makes your phone more prone to hacking and malware and increases the chances of identity theft.

Using the phone during the rain

Water is an enemy to any electronic device and your phone is no exception. Water in the form of rain can disrupt the working of your phone. It can even cause damage to it. The moisture that goes inside the phone is sufficient to kill it completely.

Water in very little quantity when enters in a cellphone can get damaged when plugged into a power source. It can destroy the circuit board of a phone permanently and thus rendering it useless.


Not performing these mistakes will keep your phone in the best health. It will also reduce your requirements to seek help of a professional cell phone repair store again.

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