Differences between CBD THC and Cannabis

It isn’t a surprise that people are confused while identifying CBD, THC and Cannabis. The main reason why it is difficult to differentiate is unawareness about their unique qualities. Thus, while utilizing this natural beneficial health supplements often consumers make mistakes. These errors make them gravely ill because of using wrong drugs and non-prescribed dosage consumption.

If you are new to CBD, it will be helpful to know CBD, THC and Cannabis qualities that make them quite beneficial for us.


There is not doubt that it is a prominent natural medicine sold worldwide. Its healing properties cures people suffering from epilepsy, schizophrenia and all kind of mental health issues. It is also known to prevent cancer. While having the dosage of cannabis, you get relief from chronic pain, evade continuing the intake of alcohol or drugs and are free from all kind of mental health issues. Its users are able to lead active life without being troubled by body pain and mental disorders. The other major ailments requiring cannabis dosage are epilepsy, multiple sclerosis and prevent cancer symptoms.


This derivation of cannabis plant has achieved worldwide popularity and is also known as CBD. It is usually derived from Marijuana and hemp plant. The oil of CBD medicinal properties makes its users realize its effects in quick and safe ways. CBD is usually non psychoactive thus used in making many health supplements. It works on endocannabinoid system of body, stimulating its receptors to function properly. That is the basic reason for people taking CBD daily to enhance their general health. CBD products are sold in many forms for their customers to reap its benefits in easy to use way. CBD derived from hemp cannabis are famous as it is safe compared to CBD derived from Marijuana plant. The main advantage of using CBD of hemp plant is that it doesn’t contain any kind of intoxication elements like THC, the other derivative of cannabis.


You guessed it right, popularly known as THC, is a psychoactive component. THC helps people to forget their pain felt due to severe burn wounds. It is a healer as well as a great appetite stimulator. It helps in keeping your mind calm, and thus its consumer enjoys restful sleep. It may not be widely used like pure CBD products, but it has its own medicinal value helping millions of people to forget their unbearable body pain and help in eliminating muscle spasticity.

CBD products are available in many forms, however the most trendy and popular among them is CBD edibles. You get gummies or candies having CBD oil mixed with other nutritional natural compounds to enhance your general health. It is safe to use often and most importantly it is legal to buy and use globally. People not preferring other product forms of CBD like tinctures, vaping oil, capsules, lotion and injections liquid prefer to take CBD gummies.

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