How Latest Technology Is Transforming Various Process Industries

Nowadays, digital automation has become the central point of controlling various process industries. Technological advancements are trying to catch up with the human imagination, and you can find now gradual shift to the latest automated technologies in almost every kind of industry.

For any industry related to oil and gas, in particular, automation was in fact was a necessity. When oil price had fallen almost by 75% in 2014, all these industries were forced to modernize.

Oil and gas sector automation

The technology that you can see particularly in the industry dealing with oil and gas are using, is highly sophisticated. Engineers can easily see their project from remote location on the screen. It is possible to monitor a 2-mile-long well, which is being drilled about 10,000 feet underground.

In case, the drill ever wanders away from its “sweet spot” that may be even smaller than ten feet across, immediately an alert will be raised. Engineers can then call the crew to make necessary adjustment.

Such precision can be achieved only with a machine, which is one of the many benefits that industry can really gain from such automation.

Following are few other key advantages:

  1. Monitoring capabilities

With the help of automation, any oil and gas industries can keep track of all their networks and pipes with a unique amount of oversight. By using Novaspect Inc instrument systems engineers can monitor complete pipeline networks and detect leaks remotely.

Also, all pipelines of onshore and offshore need to be observed regularly for safety by using any autonomous underwater vehicles or unmanned aerial vehicles.

In order to prevent any terrorist attacks, criminal activity and also repair damages, this monitoring can help.

Any weather monitoring systems, can also be used for detecting changes in the seismic activity, and also atmospheric and ocean levels.

2.Reduction in operating costs

As per the experts, effectively using these digital technologies, it is now possible to reduce capital expenditures almost by 20%.

3.Predictive maintenance

To detect issues pre-emptively various advanced analytics can be implemented to predict equipment breaks down before. With such proactive measures, any company can decrease 13% of maintenance costs.

4. Reservoir limits

Companies was able to increase their reservoir with the use of this digital automation technology.

5. Safety

Thanks to automation, now workers need not go out in the field for doing risky repairs. Instead of that any augmented reality is used, or any worker may operate drones for making needed repair.

6. Efficiency in distribution and marketing

With advanced analytics any oil and gas company can get better picture about the consumer desires and habits, while allowing for any optimized pricing models or more effective supply chain management.

7. Reduction in human cost

Any discussion about automation will not complete without touching upon the subject of technologies supplanting, rather shifting roles of human labor.

Though most of the industry are doing well after the 2014 crisis, however employment in this oil and gas line is still down by 21% since 2014. In fact, they are doing more by using less people.

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