How to Create an Effective Landing Page

Landing page is the first web page users will encounter when they visit your website. With the right SEO strategies or paid search campaigns, your website may make it to the top ranks of search engine rankings. This will drive tremendous inbound traffic to your website, but the key to higher conversions lies in the landing page. Users are not very patient when it comes to forming impression about websites. If your landing page is too over-whelming or doesn’t articulate value proposition to users, they’ll most likely click away from your website, hurting your business. Get in touch with a web designer to help you create an effective landing page. This article gives you tips on how to create a landing page that boosts conversion rates.

User Focused Design

A key feature of an effective landing page is a clean layout that instantly tells the user what your business is about. When you’re designing a landing page, place yourself in the shoes of a user that needs quick information on the products he/she is looking for. A clean design with background, text, images, and a prominent call to action button are key elements of a good landing page. Each element of your landing page must be optimized to catch users’ attention.

Minimalist Layout

An appropriate landing page convinces users to take action, and for this to happen it’s important to highlight your brand value. Too much information on the landing page can easily distract users from hitting the call to action button. It’s therefore important to keep landing page design simple and easily scannable. Content that’s in the line of sight of users is known as above-the-fold content, which often holds the key to capturing users’ attention. Use a heading to capture the essence of your business and a sub-heading to explain few more details. The headings and sub-headings are deciding factors that determine if users will scroll down to read below-the-fold content. You have about 8 seconds to impress users with a meaningful headline that shows the value of your business.

Opt for Short Forms

If you want your landing page to generate more leads, keep your forms short and simple. Asking users to fill out too much data may result in them abandoning your form completely. Important fields such as email addresses or zip codes give you enough data to boost your online marketing efforts.

A well-designed landing page does wonders to your online marketing efforts. Get in touch with a web development agency for expert help. A professional website designer can develop effective landing pages that can boost your conversion rates.

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