Search Engine Optimization Trends

In order to beat your competition when it comes to ranking online, you will need to follow new trends. SEO is changing constantly and Google, as the most popular search engine, is giving out updates to the public so we can implement them into our websites so the users may get a better experience. That is the main focus of these programs, to force providers to give the best possible experience to the customer.

There were many changes over the years but some things are still popular. You will always need to be careful which keywords you use but that isn’t the main thing now. Backlinks and the quality of the content is the most important part. They can trace how long someone is spending time on your post and on what specific part of it so you can imagine how complex the algorithm is.

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Mobile-first indexing is a trend for a few years now and Google is still forcing. There are more people that are surfing online on their mobile phones than on their PCs or laptops. Many studies were done and because of them, every website building platform has a separate option for mobile design. This option is available for many years but improvements are still implemented.

This doesn’t mean that you should open a website and make it only available for mobile users even if some people are doing that. Optimizing the website to be suitable for smartphone users will only improve your chances at ranking on search engines. You will have more satisfied users which will be recognized by the algorithm. As smartphones become even stronger than an average PC this will be a must thing.

Making a Brand

If you own a business you know how hard is to make a brand. This actually means that your customers trust you and will stay at your side if something better comes along. As it becomes harder to rank, they are implementing even more demanding requirements. There is a high chance that you will be on the number one spot if you build a brand out of your product or service.

Good advertising may take you far but reputation and trust will take you even further. Backlinks can help here a lot but the websites that link to your page will need to be reputable. You can find influencers to boost your rating and talk positively about your brand which will impact a wider audience. Takes notes from the competitors that are bigger than you and use their methods to grow.

Page Speed

Page speed is the part of UX or user experience which is the main thing when it comes to ranking. A great thing is that page building platforms are basically doing the job for us. There are a lot of plugins that will help you speed up the site. To get information about which plug in to download you will need to check it depending on the page builder you are using.

The first thing you can do is to downsize the images and videos on your pages. If your page is filled with information, you should probably make some changes because the minimalistic design is a trend that many users like. It allows them to focus on one thing and there are fewer distractions. This might not benefit you when it comes to advertising but building your own audience is more important. Read more on this page.

Privacy and Security

There were many scandals in the past decade when it comes to online data protection so many new regulations were implemented. If you want to be in the number one spot for a popular niche, your website needs to be secure and you need to have privacy policies.

Many years ago, there were not any windows that tell you about the cookies but now a user can delete every single piece of data about them if they want. If someone found out that you still have some of his data, they can sue you for a large amount. A new regulation states that all data will be deleted after 26 months of collecting it.

Quality Content

You could place a bunch of content on a page and it would do great but nowadays even a short article may beat everyone. Many SEO companies have tried to test how much words are optimal to use but that isn’t possible to do because each type of article is different. Some will say around two thousand words and others will say five hundred. The number of words will depend on the theme and how much information you can provide.

Besides the information you provide in the text, visualization is becoming more popular. If you are able to present the written text in a video, it will rank better. Something that will assure a good place on Google is the usage of infographics or tables that will have all the important data from the text. This is the main thing you should focus on and the users will love a well-designed infographic.

It matters a lot how you place the content. You might have all the necessary information but it needs to be visible and accessible to the user. Videos should be the main focus and if they want to find more information they can go through the text. If you don’t have a video, a GIF can also do the trick.

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