Ten Tips for Planning Any Outdoor Music Festival

If you are going for a rock marathon or a chamber music during weekend then planning the music festival must be very exciting process particularly with the atmosphere, the music, the weather, and also people.

However, you do not need to get distracted. Here we are providing 10 essential tips for helping you to make your outdoor music festival a great success.

  1. You may need a number of equipment

If you want to focus your event with live music, then you must have suitable stage, sound equipment and lighting equipment. Also, you need to hire good music production company who will know about their requirements and when you will need it.

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2. Give yourself time

Usually, it may take few months, to book any good bands, the venue and the vendors. Remember, the best of these gets booked much in advance. Selling tickets may also need time. So, you must plan well ahead.

3. Plan your space well

Your music festival may need sufficient open space for proper stage and also need, backstage areas, portable bathroom facilities, catering vans and campgrounds, in case it is a weekend festival.

4. Budget wisely for all artists

Don’t forget about budget for artists. If you prefer any popular band then be ready for their budget, otherwise you may have to struggle for keeping people entertained during the music festival.

5. Get the permits

In case you are organizing the festival in any public land, then you will need necessary permit from the authority. You certainly will not like that your program is shut down during your chosen day just because of your paperwork was not in proper order.

6. Organize the entrance

Think about tickets or wristbands too. Wristbands can be the best choice if you are planning any outdoor music festival, particularly if it is going to last for more than a day.

Make sure to get enough people at entrance for people to move. Nobody will like standing in queue.

7. Hire security

While organizing such event, you need to make sure that any unsocial element or any out-of-control drunken person may not enter during the event and spoil the atmosphere.

Also, there can be many children, crowd who may become unruly at times and hence you must arrange for any professional security who can deal with such situation.

8. Plan non-musical entertainment

There is every possibility that there can be certain downtime or certain technical difficulties. So, ensure that there are some other kind of entertainment readily available to keep public engaged.

9. Market cleverly

Marketing of such outdoor music festival is little different than other kinds of event. Try to use social media or local press, or consider any popular brands so that their fans may become larger part of the audience.

10. Don’t miss any essentials

People who arrive at the event will need food, drink, first aid kits, bathrooms and also bins for recyclables and litter. Also, you will need someone who will pick up all those mess after the festival is over.

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