Things You May Not Know About Rotary Phase Converters

Understanding how things like electricity can work will sometimes feel like an overwhelming feeling to those who are untrained. Electricians will use common phrases and terminologies lost on the average person. Indeed, it can be a confusing and vast topic. But having even a basic knowledge of how things like electricity work can allow you some great peace of mind when looking to make possible modifications or upgrades to your home or business. Those who may be looking to make upgrades to their home or are interested in special projects will often need to use electrical sources and equipment to make their dreams into a reality. One of the popular tools used in the electrical industry are things like phase converters. One particular type of these, the rotary phase converter, is what we will be discussing in this article. Here are some things you didn’t know about rotary phase converters.

The rotary phase converter consists of a single phase, two line power supply from a utility which creates an additional line of power. If sized correctly, a powerful, reliable source of three phase power is produced and each of the output voltages will work in tandem to balance all the connected loads. The difference between a three-phase and single-phase refers to a series of three currents running off of alternating current (AC) power. The phase converter rotates similarly to a motor and changes a single phase power into three phase power which is used to power 3-phase equipment. The use of this equipment can cause the electrical power used to become hard to obtain or too costly. The rotary phase converters have made this a thing of the past.

Three phase electricity is used to power things such as electric railways, AC locomotives, air compressors, welding equipment and many other large electrically powered machines. By having access to an electricity source more suited to their needs, it has made life easier for those that are needing to operate or maintain these machines.

If you are looking to operate some larger machinery but are concerned that your power source may not be up to the task, consider converting your single phase electricity into three phase electricity using rotary phase converters. These items can be located near you or online and will be a great way to power some of that larger machinery without having to pay too much more.

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