Tips on How to Store Your Tech

With cumbersome cables, bulky boxes, and accumulating accessories, your technology devices can quickly become unorganized. Here are some tips on how to store your tech.


The first way you can get a good start to organizing your devices is to declutter. Start with extras around your workstation or desk. Discover if there are miscellaneous items that don’t really need to be there. Move those items to another area of the house to give your tech some breathing room.

Secondly, you should decide if you have devices that you don’t need anymore. You should recycle your broken or nonworking pieces and sell or donate your unused devices. One way to approach this is to think about devices that only serve one purpose, like a camera or music player, and realize that you don’t really need them if your phone does both of those operations itself.


Cables are in a category all their own. They can quickly overtake a space and provide a tripping hazard. Go wireless where you can, like mouses, printers, headphones etc. Then use a storage container to keep the rest of your cables organized and out of the way. You should store cables with their corresponding devices to avoid confusion and save time.

Positioning your desk near an outlet and against a wall will help you naturally need less space for wires, and cables will be behind the desk and out of view. There are hundreds of life hack ideas on the internet for easy and cheap ways to store your cables. So open a browser, and see which of the cable containment ideas work for you.


If you have electronics that you don’t use often you can store them in a closet, cabinet, or drawer. Utilize vertical space and think up. Using mounted systems like an HP rack mount server saves you valuable floor space and helps protect the unit from dust and being stepped on.

Besides using an HP rack mount server, you can use tall shelves to keep your lesser used electronics off the ground and organized. Be sure to store them in an area that is dry and will not experience a wide swing in temperatures. If you have a considerable or highly valuable amount you may want to create an inventory for insurance purposes. If you are going to put an electronic device into storage for a while you should remove the batteries and ink cartridges first.

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