Using Chatbots in 2020 for Marketing

There will be more talk about artificial intelligence in 2020 because they are slowly taking over the marketing business. Programs like bots that are powered by smart technology will have enough information and capability to run the perfect ad and target the right person for it. You probably had experience with this when you get an ad about a certain thing you talked about that day. This happens because you allowed most applications to use your data.

Some people think that it is bad for us but when you actually need a product, it will be very beneficial. Chatbots are still being updated and manufacturers are trying to make it even better but it takes time. Even now, everyone can have bots to do marketing for them. With some research, you can do what people struggled with a decade ago. But, for starters, you will need to know how they actually operate.

How They Operate?

When we talk about most common bots, they can be considered as preprogrammed sequences that give adaptive and automated information to mostly asked questions. They have a script like you give to your agent which they use faster and are more reliable. With new technology and usage of AI, they improved a lot and now you have more humanlike behavior. With every conversation, they are learning how to provide the right answer.

What programmers are working on now is to make it more natural which includes implementation of small delays between answers so people will think they are talking to a real person. In order to get one, you will need to buy it online or have an IT team that will create them. The problem is that your team probably doesn’t have enough experience and information to back it up if something goes wrong. It is something that still didn’t reach its peak so we can only expect more improvements to be made.

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Lack of Strategy

The problem that keeps happening with businesses that start using them is lack of strategy. You need to look at it as a person that needs to have the right knowledge in order to be productive. They are a tool that you have to make according to statistics that you already have. It’s hard to make a stranger into a loyal customer but it is manageable.

You will need to set a goal because it will be difficult for a program to have an answer to all customer needs. One bot and do promotions and the other can do customer care. It will depend on your needs so see if you lack traffic or you need to cut costs by using them instead of employees. It can also be used for improving user retention and personalizing communications. If the data you implement is useful then the chatbot will be useful. There are many types of strategies for bots and the company you buy it from should give you a piece of advice about it.

Spam Bots

Another mistake that is noticeable is spamming information that the client isn’t looking for because the bot recognizes it as useful. A similar thing happens with bots that are trying to increase engagement which ends up as spam. The last thing you want is to be annoying to your clients. They need to have an option where they can unsubscribe so they don’t get messages from the program.

Too much promotion is counterproductive and you can lose a lot of customers so they need to be friendly and stop sending messages if the customer isn’t responding. They can get in contact with the user only if necessary. If they stop the conversation, you can occasionally remind them. When they made a purchase, you can inform them about future sales and discounts. But, after providing that information, if they didn’t make a second purchase, you shouldn’t push them.

Adapting to Chatbots

Even if many people don’t know how to use them, they are still a popular option instead of calling customer service. It is expected that in 2020 the number of people that will rather turn to the bot will be over 70%. This will most likely happen because larger retailers are implementing them into their website stores so people are starting to learn how to use them effectively and are getting used to it.

By the end of 2020, the programs will be more efficient which means that users will be more satisfied. Voice bots are widely accepted because it saves a lot of time and effort and the same is expected for chatbots. A disadvantage is that most companies will have it and it will be harder to do marketing when everyone is using a similar tactic. It is hard to estimate what the next trend will be but you will still need to be updated and use bots to keep up.

Bot Features

We already know the capabilities of the best bots we will have in the near future. Because the goal is to be more like a human, manufacturers will try to give them a pleasant personality. The first thing is giving it a name so it can look different from other bots. It should be easy to remember and pronounce. Read more on this website.

There are two options where it comes to personality. The first is to make it as pleasant as possible so your customers will feel satisfied besides getting the information they wanted. The second is to make it a little bit more complex because it can be suspicious when everything goes smoothly every time. Companies are still getting data on which does a better job but as time passes a bot that is more complex will be a better fit.

For the best features, you will need to hire the best programmers. They need to know what information will be implemented and the person that start making it needs to stick until the end if you want to make it perfect. Only high-quality bots will do a great job that will beat the competition.


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